Loans & Investments

Consumer Loans

CFCU can help you finance new and used vehicles, boats, motorhomes, and motorcycles. We also consolidate debt into one consolidation loan to improve your financial means. Visit a loan officer today to see how CFCU can help you achieve your financial goals.

Pre-Approvals of New and Used Vehicle Loans available

A member may fill out an application before he/she starts shopping for a vehicle. Once it's approved, the Member may select a vehicle at his/her leisure. A pre-approved vehicle loan is valid for 30 days. Pre-Approved financing may give the Member an advantage when bargaining for the price of the vehicle.

Motorcycle Loan

CFCU will finance new and used motorcycles. Contact your Loan Department for details.

VISA® Cards

CFCU offers a low-interest VISA® card that can have limits up to $10,000. Cardholders are given a 25-day grace period during which they can pay off their balances, interest free. The current rate is 12.48% APR with no annual fee. There is no fee for cash advances. VISA® Platinum with current rate of 8.73% APR is also available. Contact your Loan Department for qualifying details.

Personal Loan and Debt Consolidation Loans

Personal Loans as well as Debt Consolidation are also available. Please call your Loan Department for details.