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IRAs are savings accounts designed to help wage earners save for retirement. Many Members may be eligible to deduct their IRA contributions from their taxable income. For those members, IRAs are great investments. For those who may not take the deduction, an IRA still remains one of the best methods to save for retirement. Because IRA earnings are sheltered from taxes, IRAs grow faster than ordinary savings accounts. There is a minimum deposit of $100.00 for a Credit Union IRA. Those available are Traditional, Roth, and Educations. 

  • $100.00 minimum balance is required.
  • No monthly fees
  • Contributions may be made in 'lump sums' or by regular deposits throughout the year
  • Dividends are paid quarterly.
  • The latest CFCU IRA rates are available by calling or visiting CFCU
  • Brochures are available upon request

How To Become A Member and Open Your IRA Account - It's Quick and It's Easy

  1. Fill Out Our Online Member Application
  2. Come By One Of Our Convenient Offices and Sign the Signature Card
  3. Make Your Initial Deposit of $10.00 to a Share Account